Telehealth & Consultations – South East Dermatology
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Telehealth & Consultations


At South East Dermatology Stafford we provide  video consultations via the internet for patients in rural and regional areas.

We think it is important that rural and regional patients are not disadvantaged and we have discounted access to telehealth.

These consultations may be directly with the patient at home or at the patients General practitioner (with the GP or Nurse present).

In the COVID19 panademic we are also able to offer local patients telehealth. Unfortunately the Government has made it compulsory to bulk bill telehealth for the majority of local patients that we would see. This is not sustainable for specialist practices. Instead we will be charging the same fee for face to face and telehealth consultations.



  • Just like normal consultations a referral from your GP is required to see a specialist.
  • The patient must be in a Telehealth eligible location and also be located atleast 15km from the specialist at the time of consultation
  • In general if you live outside a Major Metropolitan City you will qualify
  • To check eligibility go to the website
    • Enter your address.
    • If you are RA2, 3,4 or 5 you qualify for telehealth
    • If you are RA1 then your address does not qualify.

Skype is the software we use at Stafford for telehealth. This software is free to download onto your computer, tablet or phone and once set up the process is similar to making a phone call.


Telehealth consultations are not recorded.


At Stafford our reception staff can help to arrange the set up of skype and support you through the consultation process.


We will often ask you or your GP to send us photos prior to the consultation. This will allow the Dermatologist to  examine the area much as they would in a face to face consultation.


  • better access to specialist care
  • reduced waiting time to see your specialist
  • reduced travel time and costs
  • reduced absence from work
  • care received close to home



  • Some conditions require face to face assessment to make an accurate diagnosis
  • Video quality is generally not high in skype. We will often ask for photos to be sent prior to the consultation.
  • Procedures cannot be performed by the Dermatologist in a telehealth consultation. If a GP is attending the consult then they may be able to perform tests that are required.

For more information and to download skype for your computer or mobile device.