Making An Appointment – South East Dermatology
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Making An Appointment

1. Specialist Dermatologist

  • Skin cancer, skin checks, all skin, hair, and nail disorders.
  • To receive a Medicare rebate a referral from your GP or specialist is required.
  • If your GP sends us an electronic referral our friendly staff will contact you about an appointment time and take your details.OR Contact us for an appointment on (07) 38565007
  • Once the appointment is made we will send you a welcome email and, closer to your appointment, an SMS reminder.

2. Skin Cancer GP

  • Skin cancer and skin checks only.
  • No referral is required, just contact us for an appointment on (07) 38565007.

3. Molemap by Dermatologists

Contact Molemap via phone 1800665362 or

We endeavour to answer the phone as soon as we can but if you are unable to get through please leave us a message and we will get back to you.


On the Day of your appointment

Arrive 10 mins prior to your appointment time so we can verify your details. Please bring your referral, medicare and any other entitlements cards. If you are on any medications please bring those along too.