Womens Dermatology Pregnancy rashes Vulval Lichen Sclerosus
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Womens Dermatology


Our Dermatologist  are specialists in Womens Dermatology which includes dermatoses involving the mucosal surfaces ie genital and mouth. There are many Dermatoses that occur in women specifically. In particular  pregnancy rashes can be a source of anxiety for all.

Conditions treated by Dermatologists include

Many of these condition present with itch and irritation in the early stages.

A thorough examination by your Dermatologist and further investigations (biopsy) may be able to make the diagnosis early.

Early diagnosis is important as some of these conditions will lead to permanent scarring and functional problems as well as increased risk of cancer if not treated. Early treatment may prevent these issues.



A number of Dermatological conditions occur in pregnancy.

Some of these include:

  • Melasma  : Pigmentation of the skin that worsens in pregnancy, known as the mask of pregnancy
  • Acne during pregnancy
  • Periorificial Dermatitis : acne like eruption around the mouth and eyes.
  • Pyogenic granuloma : a vascular growth that occurs in pregnancy
  • Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy : an itchy rash occuring towards the end of pregnancy.
  • Pemphigoid Gestationis : a serious blistering condition that can occur in pregnancy.
  • Cholestasis of pregnancy : an itchy condition arising in pregnancy due without rash.
  • Atopic Eruption of Pregnancy : an eczema like eruption that occurs in pregnancy.


Dr Laura Wheller  and Dr Melissa Carroll both have a special interest in the management of Vulval Dermatoses.